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Application of Risk Tree in Enhancing Transportation Safety (FULL)

Date: Friday, 31 August 2012
Time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (Registration starts at 6:30p.m.)
Venue: Room 306, HKU Space Admiralty Centre, Hong Kong
Co-Organizer(s): HKU SPACE Centre for Transport and Logistics
Speaker: Mr Nelson Ng is a safety and risk management professional with over 20 years’ experience primarily in the railway industry. Nelson has extensive experience in system assurance for new railway lines, operating railway and overseas businesses, RAM management, enterprise risk management, operational safety and crisis management. Nelson is the General Manager – Safety & Quality of MTR Corporation heading the Safety and Quality Department of Operations Division. He is also taking charge of the MTR corporate safety governance framework.
Language: English
Contact Person: Vincent Ho
Contact Email: vsho.hkarms@gmail.com
CPD: Yes

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HKARMS Chairman Dr Vincent Ho introduced the speaker to a full house audience

HKARMS Chairman Dr Vincent Ho (left) presented a token of appreciation to Mr Nelson Ng

HKARMS Treasurer Dr Henriette Shen (left) presented a token of appreciation to Mr Nelson Ng

What are the characteristics of a tree? It is structured living organism with a central stem connecting a hierarchy of branches, leaves and flowers or fruits. It grows and prospers day by day, and year by year. It responds and adapts to internal and external environment and survives through storms and other threats. These attributes of a tree can be found in a toolkit that MTR Corporation recently developed to manage safety risks of its operating railway network in Hong Kong, which carries over 4.5 million passengers daily, enabling MTR’s risk management system to monitor all safety risks associated with its operations, maintenance, asset replacement/upgrade, and network expansion.

To put into perspective, there are over 3,000 safety risk items associated with railway systems and their interactions with the operators, maintainers, users and external factors needed to be managed effectively at all times to maintain the network at a high safety level. The Speaker will highlight MTR's experience in pioneering the use of risk trees to enrich the risk management process and the benefits gained from its application. The use of risk tree has enabled the risk owners and safety committees to effectively monitor and review its risk portfolio of these 3,000+ items under about a dozen of major risk scenarios, which can be used to inform the management of the key risk hierarchy and the underlying factors. Most importantly, it is a living management tool that can also highlight emerging risks, risk trend, risk precursors and associated safety critical items through a series of branch- and leave-like structures.

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