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Scope of the Conference

This Conference will be the major international event in probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) for 2008. The Conference will present and discuss innovative methodologies and the practical applications of these technologies in both reliability analysis and PSA. The Conference will focus on the improvement of performance and safety of complex technological systems, economics, and environment — accentuating a broad PSA application and the human element. Domains will be broad to ensure the cross-fertilization of methods, technologies and ideas.

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Technical Disciplines

Basic Methodologies and Tools
Business Continuity and Emergency Preparedness
Construction Design Management
Environment Assessment
Fire Engineering
Human Factors and Behavioral Science
Industrial Safety
Management and Decision Making
Occupational Safety & Health
Phenomena Modeling
PSA/QRA Applications
Safety Culture and Organizational Factors
Safety Management Systems
Structural Reliability Methods
System Assurance and System Safety

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Application Areas

Aviation and Space
Biotechnology and Food
Chemical Processing
Civil Engineering Structures
Energy Production and Distribution
Environment and Sustainable Development
Information Technology and Telecommunications
Insurance and Finance
Legal and Regulatory
Nuclear Systems
Offshore and Marine
Security and Defense
Waste Management and Decommissioning
Water Infrastructure

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Pre-Conference Workshop

Experienced safety professionals from the industries will conduct a Pre-Conference Workshop to introduce the concepts and tools commonly used in risk management, together with some practical examples to illustrate their applications in safety critical engineering systems.

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The language of the Conference is English.

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