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MONDAY, 19 MAY 2008
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Opening Ceremony
Venue : The Grand Ballroom
Guests of Honor:

Keynote Speaker:
Ir Chai Kwong Mak, JP, The Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) Development Bureau,
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Ir Dr. Raymond Ho, SBS, MBE, SBStJ, JP, Member of Legislative Council (Engineering Functional Constituency),
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region;
Hong Kong Deputy to the Eleventh National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China

Prof. George E. Apostolakis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of America,
Decision Analysis and Risk Management
Coffee/Refreshment Break
Reliability Data Analysis
Environmental Risk Assessment?
Fire Risk Analysis

Performance Shaping Factors in Human Reliability Analysis
Accident Analysis

Uncertainty Analysis in Reliability and Risk Assessment
Risk Insights from Applications
Min Xie
Jan Erik Vinnem
T. Matsuoka
Erasmia Lois
Davide Manca
Piero Baraldi
Andrew Hale
Shey-Huei Sheu
S. Guikema
M. Christou
# 027 # 316 # 061 # 047 # 150 # 031 # 051
Development of Web-Based Reliability Database System for PSA and Maintenance Rule Assessment of Chlorine Gas Release Hazard in TEHRAN’S Drinking Water Chlorination Stationa Fire Engineering and Risk Assessment of Historic Buildings A Team Performance Prediction Model Adaptation of US Department of Energy Method of Design Basis Accident Selection to a Study of the Risks to Patients in Pediatric Emergency Medical Care Impact of Epistemic Uncertainties on the Probabilistic Assessment of the Emergency Operating Procedure 'Secondary Side Bleed and Feed' Comparison of DID and PSA Insight of the PHWR Outage
Ψ Seok-Won Hwang Ψ Javad Adl Ψ Zdena Rosicka   Sheue-Ling Hwang Ψ Jonathan Young Ψ J?rg Peschke Ψ Hae Cheol Oh
  Jang-Hwan Na   Zeynab Nezamoddini     Ψ Guo-Feng Liang   Donna Woods   Martina Kloos   Myung Ki Kim
  Hyuk-Soon Lim           Jhih-Tsong Lin   Jane Holl       Sung Yull Hong
  Myung-Su Kim               et al.        
# 097 # 432 # 142 # 111 # 294 # 480 # 226
Development of a Reliability Data Handbook for Piping Components in Nordic Nuclear Power Plants – Part II Development of the Safety Policy for the Borexino Experiment at the Gran Sasso National Laboratories in Italy Multi-attribute Selection from Alternative Systems of Water Sprinklers Modelling and Assessment of Dependent Performance Shaping Factors through Analytic Network Process An Application of a SSMS Model to the Analysis of Accidents Updating Uncertainty of Rare Event Occurrence Probability Based on Bayesian Approach Availability and Risk Management in IGCC Power Generation Plants: a Structured Approach for a Non-mature Technology
Ψ Anders Olsson Ψ Stefano Gazzana Ψ     P. Trucco Ψ Jaime Santos-Reyes Ψ Akira Yamaguchi Ψ Jo?l Luyk
  Bengt Lydell   Domenico Barone     Ψ M. De Ambroggi   Alan N. Beard   Takashi Takata   Dimitrios Karydas
      Augusto Goretti                    
# 209 # 398 # 167 # 416 # 421        
The Centralized Component Reliability Database ZEDB Comparison of Evaluation 2006 with Data of Other Operating Experience Based Databases Quantitative Risk Calculation for Land Use Decisions: the Validity and the Need for Unification Reliability Analysis on Occupant Evacuation of Elevated Metro Station in Fires Analysis of Task Types and Error Types Involved in Human-related Unplanned Reactor Trip Events in Korean Nuclear Power Plants Translating the Risk of Major Accidents into Opportune Safety Distances from Dangerous Establishments: Rrecent Developments of the European Regulation as Deriving from Selected National Practices    
Ψ J?rg Blombach Ψ P.A.M. Uijt de Haag Ψ Congling Shi Ψ Jaewhan Kim Ψ Claudia Basta        
  Kai-Uwe Brahmstaedt   L. Gooijer   Maohua Zhong   Jinkyun Park   Michalis Christou        
  Ralf Buckermann   P.J.M.G. Frijns   zhicheng Liu       Michael Struckl        
  Hartmut Schmaltz               Ben Ale        
# 274     # 178 # 102 # 119        
Reliability Database for PSA in Support to the Design of the Innovative CEA 2400 MWth Gas Fast Reactor   Reliability Analysis on Platform Fire Smoke Control in Deep Buried Island Metro Station Use of Meta-Analysis to Derive PSF Multipliers for HRA Offshore Consequence Analysis Using Grid-Based Approach    
Ψ Paul Saignes     Ψ Maohua Zhong Ψ Candice D. Griffith Ψ Faisal Khan        
          Congling Shi   Sankaran Mahadevan   Paul Amyotte        
          Tairan Fu       Ravichandra Pula        
          et al.       et al.        
        # 310                
    Fire Safety Discussion for a Highly Automated Container Terminal beyond Traditional Regulations Based on Risk Assessment        
        Ψ Matthias Herold                
          Thorsten Weidl                
Lunch Break
Statistical Modeling I
Infrastructure I: Methods of Vulnerability Analysis
Fire PSA I
Verification & Validation of Human Reliability Analysis Methods
Industrial Safety I
PSA Applications I
Software for PSA
Christophe Berenguer
George Apostolakis
James C. Lin
Joan Harvey
K. ?ien
Claudia Vivalda
Steven Epstein
James Lambert
Severino Zanelli
Radim Bris
Attila Bareith
Todd Paulos
# 028 # 053 # 024 # 093 # 009 # 020 # 110
A Bayesian Approach for Determination of Sample Capacity Towards a Framework for Vulnerability Analysis of Interconnected Infrastructures FMEA of Cable Failures within a Fire PSA Risk Comparison of Methods for Dependency Determination within Human Reliability Analysis Product Safety and Environmental Impact of Management in General Electric Oil and Gas Probabilistic Safety Assessment of Dam Sspillway Gate Systems FinPSA: New Features in PRA Software
  Shi-Jing WU Ψ Irene Eusgeld Ψ Joachim Herb Ψ Marko ?epin Ψ Vincenzo Amato Ψ Philippe Nonclercq Ψ Ilkka Niemel?
Ψ Ming QIN   Wolfgang Kr?ger   Ewgenij Piljugin           Chraibi Hassane    
  Xuan SUN                   Zeller Maxime    
  Xiao PENG                        
# 043 # 515 # 060 # 302 # 030 # 076 # 133
Bayesian Modeling of Population Variability – Practical Guidance and Pitfalls Comparative Evaluation of Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Interdependent Critical Infrastructures PSA Significance of Events with Electrically Induced High Energy (Arcing) Faults Validation and Verification of HRA Methods by Nuclear Power Plant Simulator Exercises Modelling the Effects of BLEVE Blast on a Building Spanning an Underpass Effects of the Power Upgrade Project GREAT on the PSA study for the Nuclear Power Plant Ringhals 3 in Sweden AIMS-PSA: A Software for Integrating Various Types of PSAs
Ψ Dana L. Kelly Ψ Irene Eusgeld Ψ Marina R?wekampa Ψ Gueorgui Petkov Ψ S.I. Suddle Ψ Cilla Persson Ψ Sang Hoon HAN
  Corwin L. Atwood   Wolfgang Kr?ger   Heinz Peter Berg       J. Weerheijm   Helena Wall   Ho-Gon LIM
                  A.C. van den Berg       Joon-Eon YANG
                  J.N.J.A. Vambersky        
# 292 # 452 # 351 # 366 # 127 # 115 # 239
Towards a Bayesian Aapproach to the Viability of a SMS Modelling Distributed Vulnerabilities in a Complex Network Probabilistic Models to Estimate Fire-induced Cable Damage at Nuclear Power Plants Techniques for Verification of Expert Models for Dependence Assessment in Human Reliability Analysis Comparing Floods and Industrial Accidents: a Conceptual Framework for Multi-Risk Assessment Applications of Quantitative Risk Assessment Technique on Liquefied Natural Gas Tank Systems A PRA Software Platform for Hybrid Causal Logic Risk Models
Ψ Jaime Santos-Reyes Ψ Russell D Pride Ψ Genebelin Valbuena Ψ Luca Podofillini   Renato Rota   Tsu-Mu Kao Ψ Dongfeng Zhu
  Alan N. Beard   C Di Mauro   Mohammad Modarres   Piero Baraldi Ψ Simona Caragliano Ψ Chun-Sheng Weng   Chengdong Wang
      C Logtmeijer       Vinh N. Dang   Sara Brambilla       Katrina Groth
      et al.       et al.   Davide Manca       Ali Mosleh
# 338 # 519 # 478 # 400 # 214 # 376 # 307
Investigation of T-book Reliability Data Used In Probabilistic Safety Assessments: Comparison between Sites, Reactors and Types Risk and Threat Assessment –a Soft Systems Type Approach to Scenario Analysis Level 1 External Events (Internal Fire, Internal Flood and Seismic Events) PSA Accident Sequence Quantification for Point Lepreau Refurbishment Project Analysis on the Accident of Human Error for Equipment System Ensuring the Quality of Safety Analyses in Industry Probabilistic Performance Assessment Methodology for Long term Subsurface CO2 Storage A Presentation of the MCS BDD Algorithm in the RiskSpectrum Software Package
Ψ Per Hellstr?m Ψ Christopher C. Wills Ψ Maria Wei Ψ Xikui Wang Ψ Veikko Rouhiainen Ψ Claudia Vivalda Ψ Ola B?ckstr?m
  Ralph Nyman   Adamantios Koumpis   S. Sawh   Haijing Zhou   Anna-Mari Heikkil?   Laurent Jammes   Daniel Ying
      Gerald Quirchmayr   A. Nainer   Liming Ren            
      Jorma Kajava   et al.   Changhong Gu            
Coffee/Refreshment Break
Statistical Modeling II
Infrastructure II: Vulnerability Analysis with Applications to the Electrical Network
Human Behavior & Risk I: Safety culture
Industrial Safety II
PSA Applications II
Importance Measures, Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis
Dana Kelly
Wolfgang Kr?ger
M. Roewekamp
Simone Colombo
Kaisa Simola
Michael Yau
Piero Baraldi
N. Matahri
David Johnson
Todd Paulos
Kurt Petersen
Claudia Vivalda
Bruce Hallbert
# 112 # 337 # 091 # 075 # 254 # 055 # 242
Scan Statistics: Looking for Clusters of Undesirable Events Methods to Monitor the Risk of Electric Power Systems Development of Risk Assessment Method for Fires Caused by Earthquake (V) Company Culture, Intuition, and System Safety A New Approach to Stakeholder Assessment Risk-Based Design of Entrance Channel Depths: a Case Study at the Entrance Channel of Mombasa Port, Kenya New Results on the Differential Importance Measures of Markovian Systems
Ψ Julie Berthon Ψ Bjrnar Heide Knudsen Ψ Takeshi Matsuoka Ψ Reinier A. Bosman Ψ Joan Harvey Ψ Quy Nguyen Minh Ψ Phuc Do Van
  Jean-Marc Deshouillers   Jan Erik Vinnem   Katsunori Ogura   Erik J.W.F. Wiersma   Oliver Heidrich   Vrijling J.K.   Anne Barros
  Yves Dutuit   James H. Lambert           Nicola Tollin   Pieter van Gelder   Christophe Berenguer
  et al.                        
# 446 # 040 # 159 # 144 # 309 # 336 # 510
Analysis of Natech Accidents Recorded in Major Accident Databases. Bulk Power Risk Analysis: Ranking Infrastructure Elements According to their Risk Significance Fire Scenario Sensitivity Case Studies for Commercial Nuclear Power Plant Risk-Managed Technical Specifications Implementation Industrial Safety Culture – Leading Indicators and Application Quantification of Occupational Risk from Accidents SKI Research Project on Defence in Depth PSA – Assessing Defence in Depth Levels with PSA Methods Variance-Based Sensitivity Analysis for the Long-Term Safety of an Underground Radioactive Waste Repository in Rock Salt
  Michela Campedel Ψ G. E. Apostolakis   James K. Liming Ψ Paul Amyotte Ψ I.A. Papazoglou Ψ Per Hellstr?m Ψ Dirk-Alexander Becker
Ψ Valerio Cozzani   A. M. Koonce Ψ Andrew A. Dykes   Faisal Khan   L.J. Bellamy   Michael Knochenhauer   Sabine M. Spiessl
  Elisabeth Krausmann   B. K. Cook   C. Richard Grantom   Micaela Demichela   K.C.M. Leidelmeijer   Ralph Nyman    
  Ana Maria Cruz       Roland F.   Norberto Piccinini   M. Damen   et al.    
# 396 # 233 # 218 # 012 # 422 # 372 # 403
Risk Analysis for Critical Infrastructure Systems: An Approach Based on Statistical Learning Theory Vulnerability Analysis of a Power Transmission System Computation of Quantitative Fire Risks Using Two-Model Monte Carlo Simulation and CFD Fire Model Evaluating the Success of Safety Culture Interventions Challenges in Industrial Dynamics: Coupling Process Simulation with Accident Simulation Insights from Risk Evaluations of LNG Facilities Risk Significance Importance Measures for a Networked System
Ψ Seth D. Guikema Ψ Enrico Zio   Jukka Hietaniemi Ψ Andrew Hale Ψ Sara Brambilla Ψ James C. Lin Ψ Stefano La Rovere
      Cristina-Andreea Petrescu Ψ Simo Hostikka   Frank Guldenmund   Davide Manca       P. Vestrucci
      Giovanni Sansavini   Olavi Keski-Rahkonen   Joy Oh           M. Sperandii
              et al.            
# 240 # 058 # 240 # 018 # 423     # 364
Design and Testing of Innovative Composites for Passive Fire Protection Risk Associated with Transformer Degradation in Electric Generating Systems Design and Testing of Innovative Composites for Passive Fire Protection From Safety Culture to Safety Intelligence Safe Process Start-up Procedures Based on an Operator Training Simulator: a Case Study   Use of Uncertainty Importance Measures to Complement Risk Importance Measures in PSA
  Gabriele Landucci Ψ Shuzhen Xu   Gabriele Landucci Ψ Barry Kirwan Ψ Flavio Manenti     Ψ Qiao Liu
  Francesco Rossi   Enrique Susemihl   Francesco Rossi       Davide Manca       Toshimitsu Homma
  Cristiano Nicolella       Cristiano Nicolella                
Ψ Severino Zanelli     Ψ Severino Zanelli                
# 169             # 066     # 222
Methods for Testing Statistical Significance of Ageing and Safety Indicator Trends       IN-Depth Analysis Of Work-Related Fatalities In Taiwan   Risk, Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analyses in a Recent Safety Assessment of a Spent Nuclear Fuel Repository in Sweden
  Jussi K Vaurio             Ψ Chia-Fen Chi     Ψ Allan Hedin
  Janne Viert?v?                        
Ψ (Toivo Kivirnta)                        
TUESDAY, 20 MAY 2008
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F-4 to F-6
G-4 to G-6

Plenary Speaker:
Venue : The Grand Ballroom

Mr. Andrew McCusker, Operations Director, MTR Corporation Limited, Hong Kong, China
Risk Management - An Essential Strategy for Business Success

Coffee/Refreshment Break
Dynamic Reliability Analysis
Next Generation PSA: Roundtable Discussion on the Open PSA initiative
Risk Assessment for Space Systems
Human Reliability Analysis: Methods & Applications I
Hazard Analysis
Safety of Transportation Systems: Railway I
Bayesian Modeling and Expert Opinion for Risk Analysis
Tunc Aldemir
Steven Epstein
Chester Everline
Pierre Le Bot
Severino Zanelli
Giuseppe Maschio
Dana Kelly
Enrico Zio
John Sorman
Andrew A. Dykes
Kurt Petersen
Andrew Hale
Louis H.J. Goossens
# 132 # 520 # 122 # 017 # 084 # 186 # 312
A Formal Approach to Derive Configurable Markov Models for Arbitrarily Structured Safety Loops The Open PSA Initiative for Next Generation Probabilistic Safety Assessment The Probabilistic Risk Assessment of the CloudSat Profiling Radar Application of the CARA HRA Tool to Air Traffic Management Safety Cases The Application of 3D QRA Technique to the Fire/Explosion Simulation and Hazard Mitigation within a Naphtha-Cracking Process Innovations in the Legal Framework on Risk Assessment for Railway Systems of the European Community An Expert Opinion Elicitation Method Based on Bayesian Intervals Estimation and Computational Searching Algorithms: an Application to Oil Refinery Risk Analysis
Ψ Thomas Gabriel Ψ Steven Epstein Ψ Todd Paulos   W. Huw Gibson Ψ Yet-Pole I Ψ Peter Mihm Ψ Paulo R. A. Firmino
  Lothar Litz   Antoine Rauzy   John Klohoker Ψ Barry Kirwan   Ching-Hong Chong   Thierry Breyne   Romero L. M. Sales Filho
  Bernd Schr?rs   F. Mark Reinhart               Dragan Jovicic   Enrique L. Droguett
# 390     # 399 # 045 # 100 # 496 # 206
Markov/CCMT Modeling of the Benchmark System and Incorporation of the Results into an Existing PRA   Using Credal Networks to Integrate Qualitative and Quantitative Information for Safety Assessment in Space Systems Development of an Expert System for Generator Operation Training Hazard Assessment of Major Accidents Triggered by Intentional Acts of Interference ALARP and Cost-benefit of Safety Measures for the Evacuation Concept of a Long Norwegian Railway Tunnel Supporting Expert Assessment of Argument Structures in Trust Cases
Ψ Diego Mandelli     Ψ Heng Zheng   Yung-Chih Liu Ψ Martina Sabatini Ψ ?yvind Reitan   Lukasz Cyra
  T. Aldemir       Haijing Zhou   Sheue-Ling Hwang   Severino Zanelli   Anne-Kathrine Kalager Ψ Janusz Gorski
  P. Bucci       Liming Ren Ψ Guo-Feng Liang   Valerio Cozzani        
  et al.       Changhong Gu                
        # 414 # 378 # 296 # 188 # 038
    Probabilistic Modeling Techniques Applied to the Estimation of Risk for Space Launch Vehicle Systems Incorporation of a Human Reliability Model into the ADAPT PRA Methodology Rationalized Alarm Logic Design Based on Process Hazard Analysis Setting up Safety Targets on Railway Systems of the Member States of the European Community Twenty Years of Experience with Expert Judgments
          Sergio Guarro Ψ Kyle Metzroth Ψ Yu Shazawa Ψ Peter Mihm Ψ Louis H.J. Goossens
        Ψ Michael Yau   Richard Denning   Yukiyasu Shimada   Roberto Piazza   Roger M. Cooke
              Carol Smidts   Tetsuo Fuchino   Marcus Anderson    
              Tunc Aldemir            
            # 463 # 477        
      Development of Human Reliability Analysis Approach for Fire Probabilistic Risk Assessment Fires in Enclosures: a Comparison of Experimental Results with two Computational Fluid Dynamics Codes    
            Ψ Jan Grobbelaar Ψ Gabriele Ferrara        
              Jeff Julius   Marco D’Amico        
              Kaydee Kohlhepp   Sabatino Ditali        
              Frank Rahn            

Luncheon Speaker:
Conference Luncheon
IAPSAM General Meeting
Venue : The Grand Ballroom

Mr. Bernard Fung, Chairman & CEO, Aon Asia Pacific Limited, Hong Kong, China
Contemporary Risk Management Issues
Passive Systems Reliability I
Infrastructures and Security I
Risk-Informed Application I
Human Reliability Analysis Benchmarking: Experimental Test Design & Approach
Risk Management I
Safety of Transportation Systems: Railway II
Security and Emergency Response
Bob Youngblood
Irene Eusgeld
H. Hamzehee
Helena Broberg
Paolo A. Bragatto
Takehisa Kohda
T. Aven
Luciano Burgazzi
V. Rouhiainen
Claudia Vivalda
Hmlone Pesme
Knut ?ien
Robin Hirsch
Wolfgang Kr?ger
Fatigue Reliability Analysis of Pressure-reducing Valve A Stochastic Modeling Approach for Simultaneous Demands in Domestic Water Supply Systems Application of Risk-informed Performance Index in GNPS and LNPS Benchmarking HRA Methods Against Simulator Data – Design and Organization of the International HRA Empirical Study Understanding Risk And Sustainability - The Future For Risk Managers? A Non-existent Series of Railway Accidents The Impact of Change in Operational Conditions of a Drifting Rescue Unit on Its Risk Function
  Faguo Sun Ψ L.T. Wong Ψ Ning Zhang Ψ Vinh N. Dang Ψ David Smith Ψ Gilles Dupin Ψ Leszek Smolarek
  Bifeng Song   K.W. Mui   Haiying Xi   Andreas Bye            
  Weimin Cui       Wei Zheng   Erasmia Lois            
Ψ (Bozhi Guo)           et al.            
# 179 # 420 # 200 # 406 # 311 # 182 # 138
Assessing Physical Process Failure Probability of Passive System in an Advanced Reactor by Using M.C. Method Influence of a Statutory One-call System on the Risk of Natural Gas Pipelines Use of the PSA and Safety Performance Assessment in Improving Regulatory Inspection System Defining the HRA Analysis Task in HRA Method Benchmarking – Approaches and Outcomes in the International Empirical Study A Fundamental Study on the Risk Financing of the Cyclone Risk in India Task Load Analysis of KTX Drivers Using the NASA-TLX Method Analyzing Emergency Response Using a Systems Perspective
Ψ Ruichang Zhao Ψ G.M.H. Laheij Ψ Dae-Wook Chung Ψ John A. Forester Ψ Hiroyuki Watabe Ψ Jonghyun Ko Ψ Marcus Abrahamsson
  Jun Zhao   G.R. Kuik   Hoon-Ju Lee   Vinh N. Dang   Koji Suzuki   Wondea Jung   Henrik J?nsson
  Tao Liu   R. van Elteren       Erasmia Lois   Harumi Yashiro   Jinkyun Park   Henrik Johansson
  Jiejuan Tong   A.A.C. van Vliet           Sei’ichiro Fukushima        
# 272 # 224 # 264 # 430 # 489 # 355 # 237
Application of Integrated Methodology for Thermal Hydraulics Uncertainty Analysis (IMTHUA) on LOFT Test Facility Large Break Loss of Coolant Accident Countering Malevolent Acts on Complex Systems by Anticipating and Using Efficient Keys to Make the Right Decision at the Right Time New Insights on Risk-Informed Performance-Based Approaches to Technology-Neutral Regulatory Framework for Generation IV Reactors The International Human Reliability Analysis Empirical Study: Simulator Scenarios, Data Collection and Identification of Human Failure Events Managing Programmatic Risk in Strategic Decisions - A Methodology Framework for Programmatic & Strategic Risk Assessment and Management Case Study in the Assignment of Safety Integrity Requirements for Driverless Metro System in Singapore Perspectives of Security for Nuclear Facilities
Ψ Mohammad Pourgol-Mohammad Ψ Julien Piwowar Ψ Inn Seock Kim Ψ Helena Broberg Ψ Feng Hsu   Julian Kwan   Martin Reingardt
  Mohammad Modarres   Eric Ch?telet   Sang Kyu Ahn   Per ?ivind Braarud     Ψ Chin Nang Tang   Andreas Diwes
  Ali Mosleh   Patrick Laclmmence   Soon Joon Hong   Salvatore Massaiu       Kwee Seng Yap   Wolfgang Tietsch
          Hun-Joo Lee             Ψ (Ralf Obenland)
# 516 # 151 # 308 # 407 # 441 # 509 # 485
Methods for Comparative Assessment of Active and Passive Safety Systems with Respect to Reliability, Uncertainty, Economy, and Flexibility The Use of Dynamic Stochastic Social Behavior Models to Produce Likelihood Functions for Risk Modeling of Proliferation and Terrorist Attacks Interpretation and Risk Evaluation of Technical Specification Conditions Benchmarking Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) Methods Against Simulator Data – Method for the Comparison Diversification Modeling for Risk Management of Safety and Security Programs The Case Study of Radio Alert in a Railway Context: Integration of Subjective Data in the Decision Making Process Risk and Security Assessment of Container Supply Chains
  Jiyong Oh Ψ Jonathan Young Ψ Ola B?ckstr?m Ψ John A. Forester Ψ James H. Lambert Ψ TEA Cmline   Z.L. Yang
Ψ Michael Golay   Sandy E Thompson   Anna H?ggstr?m   Vinh N. Dang   Nilesh N. Joshi       S. Bonsall
      Alan J. Brothers   Kaisa Simola   Andreas Bye           I.D. Jenkinson
      et al.       et al.         Ψ J. Wang
# 503     # 369                
A New Methodology for Assessing Passive System Reliability   Study on Technical Improvements for Six Safety State Functions Monitoring during Eemergency Operation of LINGAO 3&4 under Construction in China        
Ψ A.K. Nayak     Ψ Shi Ji                
  M.R. Gartia       Bao Qi                
  V. Jain       Li Yan                
  et al.                        
Coffee/Refreshment Break
Passive Systems Reliability II
Infrastructures and Security II
Risk-Informed Application II
Human Behavior & Risk II: Balancing Risks & Processing Safety Information
Risk Management II
Safety of Transportation Systems: Automotive
Safety Management Systems
Ali Mosleh
James Lambert
Piero Baraldi
P. Vestrucci
Odd Nordland
Michael Golay
Janusz Gorski
(Enrico Zio)
(Kurt Petersen)
(Cornelia Spitzer)
(George Apostolakis)
# 013 # 215 # 193 # 166 # 103 # 153 # 130
Approaches and Methods for Uncertainty Evaluation of Thermal-Hydraulic System Codes Calculations Development of a Multi-Organizational Strategy for Managing Risks, Disasters and Emergencies Use of PRA in Risk-Informed Classification of Piping Segments of Loviisa NPP Risk Perception and the Introduction of a P-Phrase Risk Assessment Tool Risk Treatment Analysis: Using the Idea of 'Object' to Create New Tools for Selecting and Assessing Risk Treatments Deceleration Meter: A Management Tool for Reducing Over-reliance in Collision Warning When Using Adaptive Cruise Control System Testing a Safety Management System in Aviation
Ψ Alessandro Petruzzi Ψ Walter J. Ammann Ψ Kalle J?nk?l? Ψ Michael Chiu Ming Leung Ψ Jason Michael Woodruff Ψ Makoto Itoh Ψ Pei-Hui Lin
  Francesco D’Auria       Nici Bergroth   Johnny Yin Nin Mok           A.R. Hale
          Ilkka Paavola               C. van Gulijk
                          et al.
# 021 # 301 # 250 # 177 # 267 # 157 # 232
Incorporation of Passive Systems Within a PRA Framework An Approach to the Management of Terrorist Attacks in Urban Areas Using Dynamic Simulation Assessment of the Probability of ATWS under Consideration of Different Success Criteria for Reactor Trip Risk Management in Systems: Learning to Recognize and Respond to Weak Signals Risk Management Application in Accelerator Facilities A Detecting System Based on Fuzzy Sets for Combating Driver Fatigue An Integrated System for Safety Analysis and Management in the LPG Industry
Ψ Luciano Burgazzi   Giuseppa Ancione Ψ Heiko Kollasko Ψ Eve Guillaume Ψ Mohamad-Ali Azarm Ψ Cheng-Li Liu Ψ Paolo A. Bragatto
      Roberto Lisi   J?rg Blombach       Meng Yue   S. T. Uang   Patrizia Agnello
    Ψ Giuseppe Maschio                   Silvia Ansaldi
      Maria Francesca Milazzo                   Paolo Pittiglio
# 143 # 359 # 380 # 241 # 327 # 220 # 216
Inherent Safety Implementation Throughout the Process Design Lifecycle Analysis of Energy Supply Disturbances and Energy Security of Supply in Lithuania OEDC/NEA and JRC RISMET Project: Benchmarking of RI-ISI Methodologies Safety on an Edge – A Possible Organized Trade-off between Long-Term Safe Work Performance and Regularity in Production Processes Development of Early Warning Indicators Based on Incident Investigation Effects of Tailored Alarm Timing for Forward Collision Warning Systems on Driver Behaviour and Trust in the Systems French Methodology for Safety Assessment Based on Performance Indicators
  Alessandro Tugnoli   J. Augutis Ψ Kaisa Simola Ψ Rolf Johan Bye Ψ Knut ?ien Ψ Genya Abe Ψ Nao?lle Matahri
  Faisal Khan Ψ Vaida Matuziene   Arne Eriksson   Jrn Fenstad       Makoto Itoh    
Ψ Paul Amyotte   R. Krikstolaitis   Alejandro Huerta                
# 395     # 488 # 324 # 391 # 286    
Methodology for Thermal-Hydraulics Code Structure Uncertainty Assessment   Designing a New Nuclear Power Plant with Optimized Safety and Performance Safety Management and "Paperwork" – Offshore Managers, Reporting Practice, and HSE Application of Probabilistic Methods to Manage Risks on a Commercial Satellite Program Fundamental Probabilistic Analysis on Effectiveness of Safety-presentation Type on Safe Driving Support System  
Ψ Mohammad Pourgol-Mohammad     Ψ Aline Ellia Hervy   Gunnar M. Lamvik Ψ Peter T. Katsumata Ψ K. Okabe    
  Mohammad Modarres       Jean-Baptiste Gourdel Ψ Rolf J. Bye   W. David Featherman   T. Hiraoka    
  Ali Mosleh           Hans Y. Torvatn   Tweed Ross III   H. Kumamoto    
                  Michael J. Lopez   M. Kamata    
            # 279            
      The Obsession With Controlling Risk – Is It Stifling Opportunity? – Dare To Dream Or Continue To Nightmare!!      
            Ψ David Smith            
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Plenary Speaker:
Venue : The Grand Ballroom

Prof. Way Kuo President-designate of City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
Challenges in Dealing with Modern Reliability Issues

Prof. Terje Aven, University of Stavanger, Norway
What is Risk? Different Perspectives and Implications for Risk Management
Coffee/Refreshment Break
Software Reliability Analysis
Safety Management in Various Industries
Reliability Analysis of Dynamic Systems
Analysis of Human Error
Safety and Risk Analysis Modeling in Various Industrial Sectors
Nuclear Reactor Shutdown PSA I
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Tunc Aldemir
Giuseppe Maschio
Bob Youngblood
Marko ?epin
Severino Zanelli
Ching N. Guey
Paolo Trucco
M. Minichino
Ali Mosleh
Pierre Le Bot
# 245 # 174 # 285 # 019 # 083 # 063 # 070
Testing Framework for Embedded Software Based on Software Safety Requirement Assessment Comparison of Health Monitoring Strategies for a Gradually Ddeteriorating Ssystem in a Stressful Environment A Dynamic Radiation Risk Assessment Method Using System Dynamics Emergency Operation in Nuclear Power Plants: Proposition of an Analysis Protocol to Highlight Collective Team Performance in Simulation Situations Safety-relevant Properties of Nanoparticles Some Results of the Low Power and Shutdown Seismic Risk Assessment for the Paks NPP Review of Cost-benefit Analysis (CBA) Methodology for Decision-making Related to Safety Modifications
  Masayuki Hirayama Ψ Estelle Deloux   Kyungmin Kang Ψ Cecilia De la Garza Ψ Gerhard Klein Ψ Juzsef Elter Ψ Paula Calle Vives
  Satomi Yoshizawa   Bruno Castanier Ψ Moosung Jae   Pierre Le Bot       A. Bareith   Alain Dubreuil-Chambardel
Ψ Yutaka Ukon   Christophe Berenguer   Un Chul Lee           E. Hollo   Dominique Vasseur
  Arisa Endo                   Z. Karsa   Mustapha Guesmia
# 339 # 419 # 344 # 203 # 347 # 105 # 041
Reliability Growth in Software Development Processes: A BBN Analysis of the Concept Safety Assurance of China Manned Spacecraft Recent Developments and Insights from Application of ADS-IDAC Dynamic PRA Platform Development of a Root Cause Analysis Method for the Human-Related Events Risk Aanalysis on the Special Needs of Nanotechnology Insights from Low Power and Shutdown Human Reliability Analysis An Epistemic Approach for IAQ Assessment of Air-conditioned Offices in Hong Kong
Ψ Mario Brito Ψ Chunlei Liu Ψ Y. James Chang Ψ Ji Tae Kim Ψ Thorsten Weidl Ψ Xuhong He   P. S. Hui
  John May   Ling Shen   Davide Mercurio   Jin Kyun Park   Gerhard Klein   Ning Zhang Ψ L.T. Wong
      Haijing Zhou   Vinh Dang   Chang Ju Lee   Rolf Z?llner   Anders Olsson   K.W. Mui
      Liming Ren   Ali Mosleh   et al.            
# 107 # 101 # 276 # 260 # 438 # 465 # 475
Safety Activities for Improving Safety-Critical Software Reliability Rapid Environment and Health Risk Assessment for Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accident Management Model REHRA – TEIAMM Model Implementation of a Dynamic PRA Approach for the Prediction of Operator Errors During Abnormal Nuclear Power Plant Events Quantifying the Unimaginable – the Case for Human Performance Limiting Values Probabilistic Analysis of Hazardous Eevents and Safety of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Shutdown Risk Management during Outage Using PSA Preventive Resource Allocation of Complex Systems and Apical Dominance
Ψ Gee-Yong Park   Bruno Frattini Ψ Kevin Coyne Ψ Barry Kirwan Ψ Robertas Alzbutas   Kenji Murayama Ψ Quan Long
  Kee-Choon Kwon Ψ Neil Manning   Ali Mosleh   Ian Umbers   Kristina Kup?iunien?   Norihisa Hashida   Min Xie
      Fabrizio Bucci       Jim Edmunds   Juozas Augutis Ψ Taichi Higashiyama   NG Szu Hui
      et al.       Huw Gibson       et al.    
# 280     # 281 # 319 # 467 # 464 # 417
Demonstration of the Context-Based Software Risk Model Method for Risk Informed Assurance and Test of Software-Intensive Space Systems   The Use of Distributed Computing for Dynamic PRA: The ADS Approach Impact of Extended Power Uprate on the Human Error Probability of Probabilistic Safety Assessment of Maanshan Nuclear Power Station Numerical Modeling of Jet fires from a Hole on High-pressure Gas Pipelines The Risk Monitoring System COSMOS for At-Power and Shutdown Conditions The Household Benefits Assessment of the Flood Reduction Plan in Flood-prone Area: a Case Study in Sinwen, Chiayi, Taiwan
  Scott Dixon     Ψ Dongfeng Zhu   Cheng-Hung Huang   Yang Zhao Ψ Kei Ohya   Hsin-Chi Lia
Ψ Michael Yau       Yung Hsien Chang Ψ Min Lee Ψ Jianbo Lai   Takahiro Kuramoto Ψ Yen-Lien Kuo
  Sergio Guarro       Ali Mosleh       Tianhua Chang   Kensuke Toyoshima   Daigee Shaw
                  Yitai Ma   et al.   Te-Hsiu Huang
        # 354 # 440         # 433
    SimPRA: a Simulation-Based Probabilistic Risk Assessment Framework for Dynamic Systems Human-Machine System Dependability Analysis for the Risk Management Process Based on Bayesian Networks     Modeling Supply Chain Competition between Conventional and Alternative Transportation Fuels: Cost and Risk
        Ψ Hamed S. Nejad Ψ Y. Bouhanik         Ψ Shiyan Chang
          Ali Mosleh   P. Millot           Xiliang Zhang
              T. Bouhoufani            
              A. Dib            
Lunch Break
Reliability Methods and Applications I
Safety Methods and Applications I
PRA Modeling of Digital
Instrumentation and Control Systems I
Human Reliability Analysis Benchmarking: Results
Risk Management Process Utilized in Diverse Industries I
Nuclear Reactor Shutdown PSA II
Operating Experience and Safety Feedbacks
Ji Hwan Cha
Stefan Hirschberg
Tunc Aldemir
Pierre Le Bot
Andrew A. Dykes
Jeanne-Marie Lanore
Andrew Hale
Michael Golay
Thor Myklebust
Erasmia Lois
Attila Bareith
Philippe Hessel
# 078 # 050 # 117 # 429 # 054 # 044 # 229
Unavailability of a Redundant System with One Repair Team Impact Evaluation of Safety Margins in the LAGUNA VERDE Nuclear Power Plant Using a Deterministic and Probabilistic Methodology Robust Fault Injection For Quantitative Reliability and Risk Assessment: A Demonstration on a Benchmark I&C System The International HRA Empirical Study: Experimental Results and Insights into Performance Shaping Factors Handling Risks in the Electric Power Sector Risk Monitor during Shutdown of CANDU NPPs Key Issues on Sharing and Transformation of Lessons from Experiences by Actor Organisations in the Aviation Industry
Ψ Koichi Suyama Ψ Verunica Godinez Ψ Nishant J. George Ψ Helena Broberg Ψ Wolfgang Kr?ger Ψ Myung-Ki Kim Ψ F. Koornneef
  Nobuko Kosugi   Ramun Lupez   Carl R. Elks   Michael Hildebrandt       Hae-Chul Oh   J. Kingston
          Michael A. Reynolds   Salvatore Massaiu       Hui-chang Yang   E. Beauchamp
          et al.   et al.           et al.
# 135 # 277 # 352 # 361 # 106 # 059 # 278
Functional Safety of Safety Related Systems with Safe Shutdown The Method Analytic Hierarchies Process for the Search and Selection Supplier Digital I&C System Categorization Method for use in Informing Nuclear Power Plant Failure Data Analysis and Risk Analysis Results from a Pilot Benchmarking Study Of HRA Methods – a Comparison of Method Predictions against the Outcomes Observed in the Simulator Study Further Development of a Causal Model for Air Transport Safety (CATS); the Complete Model Development of Shutdown PSA Model for Daya Bay NPP Value of Analyzing Operating Events
Ψ Hitoshi MUTA Ψ Lotfi Azzabi Ψ S.A. Arndt Ψ Vinh N. Dang Ψ B.J.M. Ale Ψ Zhichao Yang Ψ R. Youngblood
  Koichi SUYAMA   Dorra Ayadi   M. E.Waterman   John A. Forester   L.J. Bellamy   Jianbing Guo   G. Maggio
  Yoshinobu SATO   Abdessamad Kobi       Andreas Bye   R. van der Boom   Jiefei Chung   C. Everett
      et al.       et al.   et al.       A. Hall
# 146 # 334 # 459 # 259 # 333 # 362 # 388
Estimating the Reliability of Electronic Parts in High Radiation Fields A Fuzzy Decision System for the Approval of Major Changes at COMAH Installations Use of Traditional PRA Methods for Digital System Reliability Modeling to Support Regulatory Decision-Making Insights from Comparison of HRA Method Predictions with Empirical Data on Human Performance in Accident Scenarios Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM) (2007) Development of Standardized Probabilistic Risk Assessment Models for Shutdown Operations Integrated in SPAR Level 1 Model Data Aanalysis of the Reactor Pressure, Coolant Level and Main Recirculation Flow Calibration Data and Failure Events for Olkiluoto 1 and Olkiluoto 2 BWR
Ψ Chester Everline   Paolo A. Bragatto   A. Kuritzky   Gareth W. Parry Ψ Nattasha Freeman Ψ S. Khericha Ψ Jari Pesonen
  Karla Clark Ψ Maria Grazia Gnoni   Tsong-Lun Chu Ψ Erasmia Lois       J. Mitman    
  Guy Man   Gianni Lettera Ψ (John Monninger)   John Forester            
  et al.   Francesco A. Sciancalepore   et al.   et al.            
# 300 # 511 # 104 # 425     # 251 # 495
Application of Implicit and Explicit Reliability Models for Incorporating Ageing Effects Project Technical Certification within a Progressive Assurance Framework A General Framework of Safety Assessment for a Control Logic and Its Application to Balancing between Safety and Control Performance HRA Insights from the "International empirical study" in 2007 : the EDF Point of View   Shutdown PSA for Ringhals NPP Unit 3. Insights, Overview and Results Intelligent Pigging Towngas’ Health Check for Its Transmission Pipelines
Ψ Gueorgui Petkov Ψ R N Dumolo Ψ Koichi Suyama Ψ Hmlone Pesme     Ψ Peter Jacobsson Ψ Leo M H Leung
      D Hill       Pierre Le Bot       Cilla Persson   Jacqueline T Y Hui
              Patrick Meyer       Michael Knochenhauer    
                      Yvonne Adolfsson    
# 092 # 498                    
The GO-FLOW and the Bayesian Network in PSA Consequence Analysis with WinMACCS 3.4          
Ψ Takeshi Matsuoka Ψ Nathan E. Bixler                    
      Katherine L. McFadden                    
      Lloyd L. Eubanks                    
      et al.                    
Coffee/Refreshment Break
Reliability Methods and Applications II
Safety Methods and Applications II
PRA Modeling of Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems II
Human Reliability Analysis: Methods & Applications II
Risk Management Process Utilized in Diverse Industries II
Reliability and Risk-Based System Improvement and Optimization
PSA Experiences & Research
P. Vestrucci
Chester Everline
S.A. Arndt
Min Lee
Makoto Itoh
Attila Bareith
John Monninger
Leszek Smolarek
Inn Seock Kim
Bruce Hallbert
Simone Colombo
Z. Simic
# 046 # 096 # 389 # 148 # 039 # 082 # 121
Operation Reliability and Diagnostics of Mechanical Systems via RDIS Application Towards a Proactive Safety Approach in the Design Process: the Case of Printing Machinery A Benchmark System for the Reliability Modeling of Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems Application of the Human and Organizational Reliability Analysis in Accident Management (HORAAM) Method for the Updating of the IRSN level 2 PSA Model The Value of Risk for Validating Grid Related Operational and Capital Expenditure Probabilistic Maintenance and Asset Management on Moveable Storm Surge Barriers A Pilot Study on The Best-Estimate Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis Methodology Applied for a Probabilistic Safety Assessment
Ψ Jiri Stodola Ψ Elie Fadier Ψ Diego Mandelli Ψ Vmronique Fauchille Ψ Harry van Breen Ψ P.B. Webbers Ψ Ho-Gon Lim
  Petr Stodola   Cecilia De la Garza   T. Aldemir   Laurence Esteller   Anton Janssen   J.A. van den Bogaard   Sang-Hoon Han
          J. Kirschenbaum   Emmanuel Raimond       S.E. van Manen   Jun-Eon Yang
          et al.   Nadia Rahni       J.A. van Akkeren   Goon-Cherl Park
# 512 # 297 # 502 # 180 # 137 # 219 # 270
Reliability Analysis of Non-Homogeneous Multi-State Ageing Consecutive “k out of n: F” Systems Inspection Planning of Safety Protective Systems Using Bayesian Networks Integrated Software Hazard Analysis Method for Digital I&C Systems The Application of the Enhanced Bayesian THERP in the HRA Methods Empirical Study Using Simulator Data Validation Studies for Human Damage in Building Fire Model Study on Methodology to Evaluate Risk Importance Based on “Segment” Generation IV International Forum Risk and Safety Working Group – On the Safety of Generation IV Nuclear Systems
  Sambor Guze Ψ Takehisa Kohda   Hui-Wen Huang Ψ Jan-Erik Holmberg Ψ Daniela Hanea Ψ Hiroaki Shimozaki Ψ Timothy J. Leahy
Ψ Krzysztof Kolowrocki   Hiroki Tokunaga   Chunkuan Shih   Kent Bladh   Ellen Jagtman   Tsuyoshi Uchida   Gian Luigi Fiorini
        Ψ Tsu-Mu Kao   Johanna Oxstrand       Satoshi Miura    
          et al.   Pekka Pyy       Masahiro Yamashita    
# 284 # 304 # 408 # 262 # 474 # 322 # 450
Framework for the Reliability Evaluation of Environmentally Assisted Cracking of Ni-base alloy Components in PWR Problems of Establishing Fragility Functions for the Building Structures Subjected to Fire Application of the Dynamic Flowgraph Methodology to a Digital Instrumentation and Control System Benchmark Study Peer Review of the NARA HRA Technique Treatment of Risks in Sustainability Assessment of Energy Systems Risk Analysis for Resource Planning Optimization WGRISK and PSA: Past, Present, and Future
Ψ Tae Hyun Lee Ψ Egidijus R. Vaidogas Ψ Michael Yau   Ian Umbers Ψ Stefan Hirschberg Ψ Kar-Ming Cheung   N. Siu
  Il Soon Hwang       Scott Dixon   Jim Edmunds   Christian Bauer     Ψ J.-M. Lanore
          Majid Motamed Ψ Barry Kirwan   Peter Burgherr       P. De Gelder
          Sergio Guarro   et al.   et al.       et al.
# 290 # 470 # 455 # 374 # 314 # 411 # 456
Research and Application of Mechanical System Reliability Estimation Model Based on Information Fusion Reducing Risk at the Platform Edge Interface – Is Technology the Answer? Evaluating the PFD of Instrumented Safety Systems with Partial Stroke Testing Collecting Data for MERMOS Using a Simulator Optimization of Availability and Cost for the Heating System in an Oil Refinery through Semi-Markov Process and Simulated Annealing A New Method for Evaluating AOT and STI in the Optimization of Technical Specifications PSA Research and Development at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Ψ Tianxiang Yu Ψ Robin Hirsch Ψ Luiz Fernando Oliveira Ψ Pierre Le Bot   Paulo R. A. Firmino Ψ H. Wang   N. Siu
  Weimin Cui           Hmlone Pesme Ψ Mhrcio C. Moura   Y. Li   M. Stutzke
  Bifeng Song           Patrick Meyer   Enrique L. Droguett   R. Yuan Ψ (John Monninger)
  Shengnan Wang                   et al.    
# 493 # 471         # 331        
Reliability and Safety Assessment of Critical Infrastructure Systems Reducing Risk On Escalators – Methods And Decision Factors     Commercial Property Management ~ Low Risk Environment or is it?    
Ψ Gaku Shoji Ψ Robin Hirsch         Ψ Nattasha Freeman        
  Nobutaka Kurozumi   Hing Hon Lau                    
Gala Dinner - Bauhinia harbor Cruise
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Plenary Speaker:
  Venue : The Grand Ballroom

Ir Kwong-wai Ho, JP, Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department,
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Managing Public Safety with a Risk Based Approach
Coffee/Refreshment Break
Reliability Methods and Applications III
Emergency Planning and Decision Making
Risk Assessment Approaches
Human Behavior & Risk III
Occupational Safety
PSA Applications III
Risk Analysis of Transport Systems
Mitra Fouladirad
Andrew A. Dykes
P. Vestrucci
Joan Harvey
Enrico Zio
Bruce Hallbert
Robin Hirsch
Marko ?epin
Steven Epstein
Jeanne-Marie Lanore
# 108 # 217 # 072 # 204 # 071 # 057 # 029
Reliability Calculations within the Limits of Computer Accuracy Constructing a Contextual Human Information Processing Model for Warning Citizens Risk Based Approach for Long-Term Plan of Coastal Flood Defences: a Vietnam Case Adaptation as an Element in the Design of Emergency Response Systems Model for Implementation of Work Safety and Health Management Systems: A Real Study Based on OHSAS and Checkland with Application in Brazil and Portugal Use of PSA at Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety for EPR licensing purposes Lowering Transport Risks with the Basic Network: an Aadequate Institutional Shift or an Insufficient Change?
Ψ Radim Bri? Ψ Simone Sillem Ψ Cong V. Mai   Kurt Petersen Ψ Walter Franklin Marques Correia Ψ Gabriel Georgescu   A.V. van der Vlies
      Erik (J.W.F.) Wiersma   Han Vrijling   Kerstin Eriksson   Denise Dumke de Medeiros   Fran?ois Corenwinder Ψ S.I. Suddle
          P.H.A.J.M. van Gelder Ψ (Marcus Abrahamsson)       Jean Michel Evrard    
# 175 # 243 # 073 # 205 # 305 # 184 # 099
Determination of Parameters of Two-Dimensional Warranty at Limited Level of Arranty Costs Squeezing the Contractors – the Production of Commercial Accidents Risk Informed Approaches to Protect Equipment in High Risk Industries Left-right Confusion as the Cause of Wrong-side Surgery: Implications for Medical Education Development of Cost and Benefit Toolkits for Industrial Safety and Health Works Role of PRA and Applications in Licensing of Olkiluoto 3 Nuclear Power Plant in Finland Consequence Modelling of Accidents in Hazardous Substances Transportation
Ψ Zdenek Vintr Ψ Rolf Johan Bye Ψ Alexander Knoll Ψ Joan Harvey Ψ Hunszu Liu Ψ Reino Virolainen Ψ Ales Bernatik
  Michal Vintr   Jrn Fenstad       Jennifer Macrae       Ari Julin   William Zimmerman
              Scott Fraser           Michail Senovsky
# 198 # 481 # 134 # 320     # 189 # 466
Research on Method of Sample Size Determination for Reliability Test Design of Aeronautical Mechanical Products Ontology Building for the Cognitive Task Analysis of Disaster Nursing Reliability, Availability and Risk Evaluation of Systems in Variable Operation Conditions Approaching Vulnerability in Socio-technical Emergency Response Systems   Living PSA Documentation The Method of Ships Berth Location with Navigational Risk Consideration
Ψ Bozhi Guo Ψ Taro Kanno Ψ Joanna Soszynska Ψ Christian Uhr     Ψ Johan S?rman Ψ Lucjan Gucma
  Weimin Cui   Kimiko Hayano       Lars Fredholm       Lonnie Bullington    
  Tianxiang Yu   Chie Ishida                    
  Bifeng Song   et al.                    
# 210 # 199 # 444 # 426     # 479 # 095
IR Filter Bonding Reliability of Camera Module for Mobile Phone Fuzzy Hierarchical Modeling for Business Environment Scanning and Decision Making A New Risk Assessment Frame Work for Cypriot Manufacturing Units Based on Stochastic Analysis (the Gregoriou Industry Case Study) Resilience Analysis of Civil Defence Organization: a Fuzzy Cognitive Map Based Approach   Level 1 and Level 2 Internal Events PSA Accident Sequence Quantification for Point Lepreau Refurbishment Project Statistical Analysis of Aairline Passengers’ Perceived Accident Risk
Ψ Yang Ho Moon Ψ Yu-Shu Hu Ψ Georgios Boustras Ψ Ottavio Grande     Ψ Shakit Sawh   Wei-Ting Lee
  Hee Seong Choi   Mohammad Modarres   Romaios Bratskas   Paolo Trucco       Maria Wei Ψ Li-Yen Chang
  Seung Su Park       Alexandros Michaelides           L. Comanescu    
          Andreas Efstathiades           et al.    
Lunch Break
Reliability Methods and Applications IV
Testing, Statistical Methods and Analysis
Level 2 PSA of Nuclear Power Plants I
Human Behavior & Risk_IV: Cognitive Processes in safety
Offshore PSA Applications
PSA Applications IV: Nuclear Systems
Safety Standards and Safety Goals I
Christophe Berenguer
Heinz Peter Berg
Attila Bareith
Paolo Trucco
Andrew Hale
George Apostolakis
John Monninger
Ji Hwan Cha
Joan Havery
Jan Erik Vinnem
Cornelia Spitzer
Joon-Eon Yang
# 088 # 435 # 125 # 246 # 293 # 181 # 011
Contribution to Availability Assessment of Systems with One Shot Items Statistical Method for Determination of Safe Pilot System Interface Analysis of Accident Progression and Source Term in Level-2 PSA for the Shutdown Period Gut Feeling vs. Common Sense: Associative and Cognitive Processes in Risk Perception and Communication Safety of DP Drilling Operations in the South China Sea Living PSA Development for RBMK Units 1 and 2 of Leningrad NPP The Dutch Industrial and Flood Safety Policies: a Comparative Study
Ψ David Valis Ψ Maciej Gucma Ψ Susumu Sumida Ψ Vivianne H.M. Visschers Ψ Haibo Chen Ψ M. Lehto Ψ R.B. Jongejan
  Miroslav Koucky       Kyoko Funayama   Ree M. Meertens   Torgeir Moan   T. Mankamo   B.J.M. Ale
          Mitsuhiro Kajimoto           G. Johanson    
# 090 # 064 # 170 # 317 # 356 # 192 # 067
Phenomena of a Failure Statistical Analysis of Glovebox Glove Failures in a Nuclear Facility The Development of Simplified LERF Estimation Model of ABWR A Study on Communication Modality to Support Mode Awareness: Examining Driver’s Awareness of Mode of Driving Support System Marine Risk Quantification for Sub-Sea Pipeline Impact Probabilistic Risk Analysis of Reactor Pressure Vessels Safety Standards, Software and Improved Development of Safety Equipment
Ψ David Valis Ψ Michael E. Cournoyer   Chun-Chang Chao Ψ Yukio Horiguchi Ψ Anand Pillay Ψ Wen-Fang Wu Ψ Thor Myklebust
  Lisa M. Bartlett   Daniel S. Borrego   Meng-Chi Chen   Takanori Suzuki   Chua Siew Wen   Jang-Shyong You    
      Stephen Schreiber Ψ Jyh-Der Lin   Hiroaki Nakanishi       Chung-Hao Wei    
      Young H. Park       Tetsuo Sawaragi       Hou-Chin Chu    
# 023 # 191 # 227 # 154 # 049 # 197 # 428
On Reliability Improvement of Series-Parallel System with Components Quantitative and Qualitative Redundancy Statistical Analysis on the Causes of Accidents in Japanese Chemical Industries Method for Examination of Accidental Sequences with Multiple Containment Failure Modes in the French 900 MWe PWR Level 2 PSA Toward Information Management for Reducing "Damage Caused by Rumors" Challenges in Analyzing Offshore Hazards of an Operational Nature Performance of a German Seismic PRA for Nuclear Power Plants by Using Safety Margins Consistency of Judgement in the Usage of Probabilistic Safety Goals
Ψ Bozena Kwiatuszewska-Sarnecka Ψ Hideo Ohtani Ψ Marc Villermain Ψ Makoto Itoh Ψ Jan Erik Vinnem Ψ Ralf Obenland Ψ Michael Knochenhauer
          E. Raimond           Theodor Bloem   Jan-Erik Holmberg
          K. Chevalier           Wolfgang Tietsch   Helena Gustavsson
          et al.                
# 371     # 289 # 458 # 062 # 247 # 476
Failure Mechanisms of Stainless Steel Membrane for the Cryogenic LNG Storage Tanks   Radiation Source Terms Assessment for Identifying Correlations Between LERF and Early Fatality Managing Knowledge to Improve Industrial Safety On the Risk to Personnel in the Offshore Industry Protection of Nuclear Power Plants against Flooding - Considerations for the Determination of a 10.000 Years Return Period Flood between Tidal and Inland River Regimes The Development of PRA Quality Standards and Use in Risk-Informed Decision-Making
Ψ James C. Lin       Kyungmin Kang Ψ Bruno Debray Ψ Jan Erik Vinnem Ψ Torsten Frank   Mary Drouin
  Wangwen Zhao     Ψ Moosung Jae   Amjad Abou Assali       J┴gen Jensen Ψ John Monninger
          Young Ho Jin   Dominique Lenne       Christoph Mudersbach    
                      et al.    
# 256                 # 412    
Optimisation of Structural Systems by Appropriately Assigning Probabilities of Failure. Application to Rubble Mound Breakwaters         Preliminary Probabilistic Safety Assessment of Chinese Dual Functional Lithium Lead Test Blanket Module System for ITER  
Ψ Nguyen Dai Viet                 Ψ Y.Wu    
  H.J. Verhagen                   L.Hu    
  P.H.A.J.M van Gelder                   Y.Li    
  J.K. Vrijling                   et al.    
Coffee/Refreshment Break
Reliability Methods and Applications V: Binary Digit Diagrams
Safety Assessment Approaches
Level 2 PSA of Nuclear Power Plants II
Human Behavior & Risk V: Organizational Culture and its Impacts on Safety
PSA Methods and Tools I
PSA Applications V
Safety Standards and Safety Goals II
Enrico Zio
Ali Mosleh
David Johnson
Paolo Trucco
Toivo Kivirnta
James C. Lin
Nattasha Freeman
Joan Harvey
Jeanne-Marie Lanore
# 124 # 230 # 367 # 386 # 129 # 033 # 469
Practical Top Event Probability Calculation by BDD Truncation Algorithm Development and Validation of a Comprehensive Hybrid Causal Model for Safety Assessment and Management of Aviation Systems Comparison of Different Approaches for Modelling Level 2 PSA Organisational Culture and Effect Sizes Integrated Common Cause Component Group Analysis of Diverse and Highly Redundant Release Systems of RBMK Control Rods Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Spent Fuel Pool Decommissioning in the J. Bohunice V1 NPP The Next Generation of Safety Standards – Wishful Thinking?
Ψ Woo Sik Jung   Alfred Roelen Ψ Guesmia Mustapha Ψ Charles Johnson Ψ Andreas Wielenberg Ψ Zoltan Kovacs Ψ Odd Nordland
  Joon-Eon Yang Ψ Rombout Wever   Gallois Marie       H. Schaefer   Robert Spenlinger    
  Ken Canavan   Ali Mosleh   Pau Jean-Michel       T. Mankamo   Helena Novakova    
      Katrina Groth                    
# 368 # 221 # 443 # 249 # 225 # 098 # 486
Evaluating Network Reliability versus Topology by Means of BDD Algorithms MOCHOVCE WWER 440/V213 Reactor Units 3 and 4 Safety Improvements Based on Original Plant Design Criteria for Assessment of Results from Level 2 PSA Modeling of Human and Organizational Impacts for System Risk Analyses The POS Model For Common Cause Failure Quantification: Progress In Parameter Estimation And Comprehensive Documentation Pilot Study on Loss of Offsite Power Frequency and Duration, LOOP Events and PSA Modeling Safety Goals – Results from the COOPRA project
  A. Bobbio Ψ Ivan Cillik Ψ Jan-Erik Holmberg Ψ Lmger Aurmlie   Rudolf G?rtz   Erik Sparre Ψ Philippe Hessel
  R. Terruggia       Michael Knochenhauer   Duval Carole Ψ Heinz P. Berg   Gunnar Johanson    
  E. Ciancamerla       Jukka Rossi   Farret Rmgis   Jan Mahlke Ψ Per Hellstr?m    
Ψ M. Minichino           et al.       et al.    
# 413     # 505 # 424 # 410 # 213 # 487
A New Ordering Heuristic Based on ZBDDs’ Cutoff Strategies   Severe Accident Assessment of NRU Reactor Future Challenges in Plant Safety: beyond the OTS Paradigm Equivalence of New-direct and New-indirect Monte Carlo Methods PSA-study of Internal Flooding Events at Ringhals 2 in Sweden WGRisk Task on Safety Criteria
Ψ Y. Li     Ψ R. Leung   Davide Manca   L. Campioni Ψ Cilla Persson Ψ Philippe Hessel
  P. Liu       C. Blahnik Ψ Flavio Manenti Ψ P. Vestrucci   Erik Sparre    
  H. Wang                        
  et al.                        
# 329         # 282 # 518 # 287 # 375
Variable Ordering Heuristics for BDD Based on Minimal Cutsets     A Hybrid Technique for Organizational Safety Risk Analysis Use of Risk Insights in Support of USNRC Reviews of New Reactor Applications A Probability Safety Assessment for A Spent Fuel Storage Facility Some Problems of Air Traffic Safety Investigation
Ψ Cristina Iba?ez-Llano         Ψ Zahra Mohaghegh Ψ Hossein Hamzehee   Jung Hyun Ryu   Jacek Skorupski
  Antoine Rauzy           Reza Kazemi   Todd Hilsmeier   Kyungmin Kang Ψ Anna W. Stelmach
              Ali Mosleh     Ψ Moosung Jae    
                      Goon-Cherl Park    
# 341                 # 404    
One Heuristic to Minimize BDD Representation of the Fault Tree         Reliability Assessment Basing on Importance Measures  
  Reni Banov                 Ψ S. La Rovere    
Ψ Zdenko ?imi?                   P. Vestrucci    
  Vladimir Mikuli?i?                   M. Sperandii    
FRIDAY, 23 MAY 2008
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Plenary Speaker:
Venue : The Grand Ballroom

Dr. Vinh Dang, Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Switzerland
Quantifying the Human Factor - Time for a Change

Prof. Wolfgang Kroger, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Interdependencies among Technical Systems: the Why, What and How
Coffee/Refreshment Break
Reliability Methods and Applications VI
Level 2 PSA of Nuclear Power Plants III
Roundtable Discussion on Human Reliability Analysis Methods and Applications
PSA Methods and Tools II
PSA Applications VI
James C. Lin
Philippe Hessel
Vinh N. Dang
Ji Hwan Cha
Toshimitsu Homma
David Johnson
Bruce Hallbert
Enrico Zio
Robin Hirsch
# 089     # 484 # NA # 263 # 365    
Contribution to Modeling of Complex Systems Reliability   Modelling of High Pressure Phenomena in Level 2 PSA HRA as a Mature Discipline Common Cause Failure Estimation with No CCF Observation Technical Considerations for Emergency Preparedness with a Probabilistic Accident Consequence Assessment Model  
  Zdenek Vintr     Ψ Eva-Maria Pauli Ψ Barry Kirwan   Laurence Dieulle Ψ T. Homma    
  Miroslav Koucky       J┴gen Eyink     Ψ Mitra Fouladirad   M. Kimura    
Ψ David Valis       Gerben Dirksen       Anne Barros   T. Matsubara    
                  et al.   J. Ishikawa    
# 161     # 141 # NA # 384 # 517    
A Method to Estimate the Initiating Event Frequency by Monte Carlo Simulation   Quantification of Event Sequence Chronology Using a Continuous MCMC Method for Level 2 PSA of a Nuclear Power Plant Wher Should We Research? Keys for HRA Improvement Recent Issues and Developments in Burn-in Models Derivation Loss of Main Heat Sink Frequency Considering the Operational Experience  
  Li Yuandan     Ψ Shogo Yabuuchi Ψ Pierre Le Bot Ψ Ji Hwan Cha Ψ Thomas Oehmgen    
  Tong Jiejuan       Takashi Takata           Felix Sassen    
Ψ (Jun Zhao)       Akira Yamaguchi           G▋ter Breiling    
# 258     # 145     # 298        
Utilization of Importance Measures in the Development, the Optimization and the Justification of Preventive Maintenance Plans   An Approach to Quantification of Uncertainties in the Risk of Severe Accidents at Neckarwestheim Unit 1 Nuclear Power Plant and the Risk Impact of Severe Accident Management Measures   An Intuitive Method for Reliability Analysis of Dynamic Systems    
Ψ Isabelle Hendrickx     Ψ Andreas Strohm     Ψ Seung Ki Shin        
  Benoit Lance       W. Schwarz       Gyoung Tae Goh        
  Gmrald Stubbe       M. Khatib-Rahbar       Poong Hyun Seong        
  et al.       et al.                
# 156     # 207                
Maintenance Effectiveness Monitor System, MEMOS   Probabilistic Assessment of the Consequences of Vessel Fragmentation        
Ψ Pi-Lin Hsu       Gianfilippo Gubinelli                
  Shang-Tzu Ho       Giacomo Antonioni                
        Ψ Valerio Cozzani                
Conference Farewell Lunch
Venue : The Grand Ballroom